The Wild’s Jersey Woes (Maybe) Continue…

Hockey Wild

With the long anticipated and long overdue NHL Winter Classic just around the corner, the Wild debuted one of many teasers leading up to it. The Wild will be playing at Target Field, and appear to be taking notes from the Twins by absolutely barfing all over themselves. The most recent tease of the Winter Classic jersey is setting up the Wild to unveil the latest in a long line of awful jerseys.

My Boy Kid Jen recently put out a blog ranking the Minnesota Wild jerseys. However if they are all dog shit, why did I expect anything better? Why did we have to pick such a terrible color scheme? As if the red wasn’t gross enough, why do we feel the need to add a layer of brown in there as well. You know what else is brown?

How can we do this jersey right?

My hope is that I’m a complete moron and this jersey tease is not showing the sleeve of the actual jersey, but rather they are laying the new jersey OVER the current ones. Call me an optimist, but I’m hoping for an all cream jersey to cover up the ugly ass current reds.

Maybe they can turn out to be a better version of their Iowa brothers where we see a wheat/brown and forest green jersey, but please for the love of god bury the red and never bring it back ever again.


Here’s what they need to do in order to get this right.

Take some notes from not only Iowa, but other organizations tied to them like the Whitecaps. The Everett Silvertips turned this style into an absolute masterpiece and the Wild can do the same if they make some clean tweaks. Then again this is Minnesota. Like watching a Vikings kicker line up for a gimme, I’m prepared to be disappointed.

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, which is very rare by the way. I absolutely hated the North Stars themed reverse retro jerseys from last year until I saw them on the ice. I’ll just say, be prepared for a follow up blog telling you reminding you that I’m right. I think they can knock this next jersey out of target field like a bomb off of Sano’s bat. All they have to do is hire me part time to design the jersey. Until they do, it’s looking like every other time Sano steps up to bat: a big ol’ whiff.