Karl Anthony Towns

Will Karl Anthony Towns be a HOFer?


Karl Anthony Towns is arguably the most polarizing player any Minnesota sports team has ever had. Heck, maybe one of the most polarizing players in the NBA, period. I am the first to admit, I have had my doubts about KAT over the years just like anybody else. The whining to the refs, the lack of effort on defense and the absence of winning early on his career were frustrating because we all knew deep down he wasn’t reaching his potential. But to act like this man is not a generational talent who has changed the game of basketball is absurd. Whether you think it’s crazy or not, I think KAT is on track towards being a HOF NBA player.

Greatest Shooting Big Man of ALL TIME

KAT says it himself all the time, and it is without a doubt the truth. He is the greatest shooting big man of all time. He is a career 40% three-point shooter, which currently ranks best all-time for a center. To put this into perspective, Dirk Nowitzki shot 38.5% from three for his career and was widely regarded as the best shooting big ever until KAT came along. KAT also has the most made threes for a center of all time at 960, which is 78 more than Brook Lopez who is second all-time and also 35 years old.

What KAT can do from beyond the arc is ridiculous for a seven-footer, and we as Minnesota sports fans take it for granted because he does it every single night. I give him a lot of credit for the way basketball has changed since he was drafted in 2015. The NBA has young guys now like Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren who are seven foot plus and can both handle the ball and shoot the three, and I think KAT has set the standard for that in today’s NBA. Making more threes and doing it more efficiently than anyone at your position makes the HOF case for KAT very real when he retires from the NBA.


KAT has racked up some sneaky accolades in nine years. He is now a four-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA, and a former Rookie of the Year winner. I can’t imagine him not making at least three or four more All-Star games and having two or three more All-NBA selections at a minimum by the end of his career. If you can package that with an NBA championship before he retires, I think the accolades add up for KAT to have a HOF resume.

The depth of talent in the NBA right now is greater than it ever has been, but regardless of that, I don’t think KAT gets enough love when it comes to NBA awards. Part of that has been due to him playing on bad teams, but I believe the rise of the Minnesota Timberwolves is only going to increase the accolades that come his way.

The NBA Hall of Fame Is a Joke Anyways

Let’s be honest…out of the four major sports in America, basketball has by far the least prestigious Hall of Fame. There are definitely players who have made the Basketball HOF that make you scratch your head a little bit. Grant Hill, Vlade Divac, and Chris Mullin to name a few. None of these guys won championships, had more than seven All-Star selections, or averaged more than 20 points per game for their careers.

No disrespect to any of these guys, but if the NBA were as strict as the MLB or NFL HOF, none of these guys would have made it. But with that being said, KAT will easily surpass all three of these players in terms of career stats and accolades which makes his case even stronger for being inducted into the Basketball HOF someday.

KAT’s Best Overall Season

Regardless of what you think about KAT, he is having his best season as an NBA player by far. He is not averaging as many points as he has in other seasons, but he is shooting the three more efficiently than he ever has and is playing the best defense of his career. Not only that, his team is first in the Western Conference at the All-Star break.

Don’t take this man for granted, because what he does on a basketball court is unprecedented and it is vital to this team winning a championship.