Will The Broncos Finally Wake Up Against The Chiefs On TNF?


After taking a one-week break for no reason other than laziness, I’ve returned with another TNF best bets blog. This week we got the highly disappointing Broncos heading into Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

As always, let’s go over how we did two weeks ago when the Packers took on the Lions.

1. 1st Quarter Under 7.5 Points -110 (1U) & Result Of First Packers Drive = Punt -105 (1U)

I forgot how much this week of betting pissed me off. The worst thing happened for this bet, which was an opening drive INT from the Lions.

Not only did it fuck us out our first drive Packers punt bet but it also fucked us with giving up free points which is exactly what we didn’t want this early in the game. Long story short there were 17 points scored in the quarter, making both of these bets BIG FAT LOSERS!

2. First Score FG +145 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

As you can see above we quickly lost our first turnover bet. Luckily for us, the Packers didn’t do jack shit with that possession, resulting in an easy 34-yard field goal. I’ve said it a million times all we need is 1/2 to make these bets profitable.

…. And we also hit the bonus bet!

2B Bonus: Team To Score Longest Field Goal: Packers -115 (1U)

3. Jordan Love Under 0.5 INT (1U)

This is the bet that pissed me off. An under-INT bet? Horrible. He threw not one, but TWO INT making this bet even worse than it was to start. Fuck Jordan Love & FUCK THE PACKERS!

Week 4 Recap

2-4 and the most frustrating week of the year by far. Onto the next.

Week 4 Record: 2-4 (-1.7U)

Season Record: 10-13 (+0.8U)

Week 5 Preview

Broncos Vs Kansas City Chiefs

Talk about a disappointing season for the Broncos. Hopes were high again after Sean Payton came to town and although Russ has looked good on offense, this team is horrible. Things won’t get any easier for them as they head over to their division rivals home to take on the 4-1 Kansas City Chiefs.

1. Broncos +10.5 -110 (1U)

Do I just love pain? Obviously because I really am putting $$$ on the Broncos to cover this game. Do I think they win this game? No. Do I believe they will back door cover this game somehow? Yes. The ride has been rocky ever since Russ came to town… but let’s cover this spread one time for ya boi Russ?..

Btw: I might be like 1-9 fading the Kansas City Chiefs’ lifetime.

2. First Score FG +150 (1.5U) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (1.5U)

Wanna hear something FUCKING AMAZING! Not making picks last week saved our streak of not losing both on the world’s best bet. I seriously didn’t watch a snap live last week, so seeing this is AMAZING. Should we up our units after what would have been a 0-2 week last week? FUCK YES WE SHOULD. So, let’s redo this.

First Score FG +145 (2 UNITS) & First Turnover Fumble +155 (2 UNITS)

Would have lost three units last week might as well, right? We should just come up with a name for this bet. TBD NEXT WEEK.

(No bonus bet this week since we have more units on #2).

3. Russ Wilson Over 227.5 Passing Yards -110 (1U)

WAY too much faith in this Broncos team. My mindset here is either the Broncos cover… or they trail big which means Russ will be throwing the ball a million times. Maybe Russ goes nuts and finds a way to win us both these bets?

He’s put up good #’s this year throwing for 177, 308, 306, 223 and 196. Sometimes our gut is the best choice and I think Russell Wilson is going to cook this Thursday.

Best Of Luck

4 bets, with most of it relying on the middle bets to carry us all the way. This is one of those weeks where it feels like it’s going to be a fight no matter what bet I place. Will things go my way in KC on Thursday?