Will the Wolves “Figure it Out”?

Basketball Timberwolves

Its about time Anthony Edwards realized it.

Late after the Wolves dropped another game to the San Antonio Spurs last week, Anthony Edwards sat down for his post game interview and checked the stat sheet like he normally does. Most of the time he’s admiring how well he shot or the positive parts of the win they just got. Lately, that hasn’t been the case. He and the rest of the starting line up are the problem. Getting out worked and out hustled on the court. Rather than dominating teams they have thought it would come easy. Which has lead to them struggling to pass and forced them into bad shots and falling behind.

To most Timberwolves fans this has been painfully obvious. It’s actually surprising that it took looking at the stat sheet for Ant to realize how rough it’s been. We’ve all been there when nothings going right for you and everything is working for the other team. It’s a helpless feeling that the Wolves have been feeling for years and years. Ant left us with a shocked look on his face and his signature smile letting us know “we goin to figure it out”.

A Quick Fix

I firmly believe the Wolves will figure it out and I don’t think it will take long. After all, they are starting the Biggest lineup in the NBA and are only 10 games into the season. These are growing pains and once they realize where to pass the ball and not to be selfish, the wins will come and we can start the Winning streak. Let Chris Finch work and learn to play to our advantages instead of our deficits. They took on the Undefeated Bucks on the eve of Minnesota Deer Opener, and did not deliver. They did not come home with the Trophy Buck! Surprise, Surprise! However, they did dominate the Rockets on Deer Opener. So at least we have that! SUCK IT ROCKETS!

With the oppurtunity to right the ship, we hope the Wolves come out flying after two quality days of practice.