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This weekend’s NFL Divisional round was pretty interesting. The action in the NFC was especially tight this weekend, and the best part of it came on Sunday evening when the Bucs bounced the Aints from the playoffs once again. Former Gopher safety Antione Winfield Jr. played a big part in the W, then hopped on Instagram afterward to offer his thoughts:

Call 911, because I have just found 53 dead bodies. What a huge fucking statement. Not only to do it for your team to send them to the NFC Championship but to do it for your dad as well for ’09 speaks a lot about our guy. Winfield Jr. had a huge strip on Jared Cook that basically turned the tide of the game. And Winfield Sr. was in the stands to see it as well.

Does this make me feel better about the Vikings not making the playoffs? No. But this is huge for some of our former Gophers! At least 1 of our former guys will be playing in the Super Bowl 1 year after they won the Outback Bowl in the same stadium. And…I hate the Saints so fucking much, so this is high on my list of things that you love to see.