Wisconsin got UTTERLY EXPOSED just in time for Minnesota

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If you didn’t see, the Big Ten’s “best” team not named Ohio State, the team every sport pundit seems to drools over, the team that has Wisconsin’s alleged savior in Graham Mertz, took a beating from Northwestern, who are pretty solid mind you, but who’d a thought?

Wisconsin scores 45+ points in the first two games, Mertz looks amazing. Then he trots out Saturday and ends up throwing 3 INTs against the team who plays in a high school football stadium (I know, I know! A stadium does not determine the talent-level of a football team. It’s sarcasm dumbass!) and only scores a whopping SEVEN POINTS!

Northwestern hasn’t done anything special even for being undefeated. Beating Purdue by only 7, defeating an atrocious Nebraska team by only 8, deating Iowa by 1, this team, you would think, meets Wisconsin’s “crushable” standards.

Maybe Wisconsin’s fate in this game was predetermined by the brutal, “drunken” pregame monologue from Todd McShay praising Mertz:

As a Gopher fan, this game was huuuuuuuuuuuuge!!! Why, you may ask? It’s no secret that the Gophers have not looked the greatest as of late. Average at best! And the Wisconsin game this upcoming Saturday looked absolutely TERRIFYING! Until now.

After Wiscy’s abysmal performance against the Kitty Cats, I can breathe a little more, and makes you think “We have a shot at winning now”. Maybe a shot in hell, but there is now a little room for hope to get the Axe back.

Row the Boat! Ski-U-Mah! Go Gophers!