Is There Anything to Look Forward to with the Timberwolves?

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The Wolves went into the break with a record of 31-30. So far it has been quite average as the record has indicated but things have been trending in the right direction. Here are some things to look forward to in the second half.

We went into the break with a pretty bad loss to the Wizards. Does it surprise you it was against a lesser team? Sadly it really shouldn’t. This past handful of years the Wizards, Magic, and teams like that have owned us which is so annoying. If we didn’t lose multiple times to the Spurs, Pistons, and a few others L’s to some bad teams we would easily be the 3rd seed in the West. If you can look at that positively I guess it is good to know if we ever stop playing down to our competition we can be a very good team. Besides that, I want to talk about some stuff to look forward to in these last 20+ games.


This is a pretty obvious one but it may be the most important going forward. Our well-deserving All-Star is going to have to take over and lead this team to the playoffs. He has been outstanding after starting the year out slowly. He’s averaging about 25,5,5 which I think if you asked any Wolves fans before the season if that would be his average, they would be very happy. He has taken that 3rd-year leap but hasn’t gotten much recognition. It is just the sad reality of being a Timberwolf. We need Ant to keep his foot on the pedal and just take this Wolves team over, show everyone once and for all whose team this is. This quote right here just shows you we got a good one in A1.


We have been without our All-Nba player for most of the year. Once again if you asked most fans if this would be our record considering all the injuries and change we have gone through, most of us would be happy I think. Now I understand it didn’t look great right away when Kat was healthy but the amount of change and getting used to the new team didn’t help. I fully believe when they actually get a good amount of time under their belt this can be a very good team. Now can this team be a championship team? It is unlikely but I will not sit here and say it is a failure just because we don’t win a ring. This is the MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES, if we just consistently make the playoffs and get to a western conference final I will be happy. Considering how god-awful this franchise has been, you would have to be very delusional and greedy to say that would still be a failure, like cmon now.

Most people forgot just how good Kat is. He was clearly our best player still before his injury and he is so important to this team. He is a stud and will remind everyone why he is All-Nba.

It will be very, very interesting to see how it all gels when he is back, considering we don’t have much time left in the year and we really can’t afford to fuck around. Every game Is a big game the rest of the year with how tight the West is. Let’s just pray it all comes together quickly and there isn’t a crazy amount of growing pains.

Honorable Mentions

I don’t want to keep yapping so I will briefly mention these. The Mike Conley and Gobert connection will be very intriguing going forward. Their personal connection will be just fine but it will be interesting to see how Mike fits in with the rest of the squad. You can’t have your staring PG not score as he did in the Wizards game. A perfect game to have a guy like D’Lo when absolutely no one besides Ant could do much. That will be something to watch.

The bench play will also be super key. We have a solid bench but they are some streaky guys. You have zero clue what Nowell will do on a given night and the same with Naz too sometimes. These guys have to step up and play a big role to get us to the playoffs. This is another key thing to watch the rest of the year.

It will be a VERY exciting ending to the year. Let’s hope things gel when Kat comes back and we can make the playoffs. With how tight things are anything can happen this year in the playoffs. Let’s go Wolves Nation, talk to you guys soon.