Wolves Vs Grizzlies: 3 Keys to Success

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As we all know, YOUR Minnesota Timberwolves just beat the Clippers in the Timberwolves’ biggest game in a long time. That has earned us a date with the Memphis Grizzlies. That’s right, Wolves vs Grizzlies begins tomorrow. It’s time to show the world the Wolves are back

What a massive win for the Minnesota Timberwolves, for our fans, and for our cities. When basketball is relevant, which hasn’t been often, it is BIG in the Twin Cities. I think these coming years will show that to everyone. Now it’s onto the Grizzlies though, a matchup all of us Wolves fans were hoping for. It is going to be a fun one. 

Side note, how can Ant not make you smile?

The 3 Keys to Wolves vs Grizzlies

The Wolves badly needed to beat the Clippers if they wanted any chance in the next series. The matchup with the Suns was just a nightmare. We are 2-2 against the Grizz this year. Now, each team wasn’t at full strength in the games, but we still have a great indication how well these teams matchup with each other and how fun it will be. 


This is the most likely trouble spot for the Wolves. Honestly, they may get killed. Memphis ranks number 1 at team rebounding and the Wolves sit at 16. The Grizz average 5 more rebounds per game than the Wolves. The Wolves came away with a W the last time these two teams played, even though the Grizzlies got a record amount of offensive rebounds against us. That absolutely cannot happen if we want to have a chance in this series. We need to crash the glass and try to match their physicality. KAT, please stay out of foul trouble. 


This season, the Wolves were, more or less, able to “neutralize” Ja. Neutralize is in quotes for a reason, Ja played well, but the Wolves D did manage to slow him down. He is so damn special. Ja vs Ant is going to be so fun to watch this series. He averaged way under his season averages against us. If we want a shot in this series, the team is going to have to find a way to slow him down. Whether that be Ant on him, Bev on him, they have to do it. It will be a fun ass matchup. 


It may seem obvious, but KAT needs to step up and show everyone why he is still the best player on this team. After one of the worst games of his career on national TV against the Clippers, he can’t allow that to happen again. The KAT slander was at an all time high, he needs to prove everyone wrong. They have to get him going early and often to give him confidence or it could get bad I fear. 

The other notable thing that sticks out is D’Lo. He has absolutely killed the Grizzlies this year. If we get that version of him we have a real shot to win this series.

If we are able to really limit Ja and the Grizz from destroying us on the glass we have a good shot. We can’t rely on someone glueing themselves to the court to give us momentum. The same with KAT; if he plays like the player all us Wolves know he truly is, this is going to be a wonderful series. All of us have been waiting for this for a long time, happiness and excitement. Whether we win or lose, this has been a great season and the future looks bright. I will see all of you Saturday at 2:30 for game 1 of Wolves Vs Grizzlies. WOLVES ARE BACK, HOWWWWLLLLL!!!!!