World Series Here We Come


The Twins are totally BACK. It is finally our year and no one will stop us now…well that is what I would like to believe after a great start to the year. Don’t tell anyone but World Series here we come.

We just pounded the Yankees which very rarely happens and sure we are only like 13 games in. That doesn’t mean we aren’t looking outstanding and we can’t be optimistic. It is so very rare to be optimistic as a Minnesota Sports fan, so let’s take advantage of the situation and ride the wave. We deserve nice things every once in a while.

We scored 9 runs in the FIRST INNING against the Yankees last night and they went back to back to back! Literally, there is no better way they could have started their first game in New York this year. Here it is:

It is just a regular season game and the first of the series, but we take the little wins around here. The Twins look outstanding and maybe, just maybe this year we will finally win a playoff series. Our luck we get the Yankees and get swept, then the pain will be right back. It will prove once and for all the Minnesota pro sports curse is real. What can go wrong, usually does but it’s time to be positive for once.

The Minnesota Twins will go deep into the playoffs behind our great pitching and the bats of Buxton and Correa. They will add at the deadline and we will be a top 5 time. That is my all-knowing prediction and watch it come true. It is a new year Twins fans, World Series here we come.