WR Chris Hogan Leaves NFL For Pro Lacrosse, Adds To Ties Between Sports


Retired NFL Wide Receiver and and Token White Reciever Chris HoganIf you’ve paid any attention to a game former NFL WR Chris Hogan has played in for the last several years, you’d know that he played lacrosse in college. As of this week, it looks like he will also be playing professionally after he declared for the PLL draft.

Actual photo of Chris hogan rippin' twine.
Chris Hogan in action for the Penn State lacrosse team. (Mark Selders/ Penn State Athletic Communications)

Normally I’d say this is a bit of a publicity stunt, but he’s a legitimate athlete who is not just a product of Tom Brady. Chris Hogan was team captain and first team all-conference as a midfielder at Penn State.

Jim Brown at Syracuse

He isn’t the first NFL star to have ties to the sport. Going back to the 40’s, Jim Brown was an All-American midfielder at Syracuse and is considered to be one of the best to ever play the game. Even Bill Belichick played the sport at Wesleyan University and remains an avid supporter and advocate for the game today. Others include Hall of Famer John Mackey, record-breaking kicker Steven Hauschka, Pro Bowl DE Patrick Kerney, icon Jim Thorpe, and Super Bowl 3 champion Mike D’Amato.

NFL Legend and former lacrosse player Jim Thorpe

As the only avid lacrosse fan at 10K (editor’s note: untrue), I’m excited for the move. Hogan even signed a partnership with Minnesota-based lacrosse gear company Epoch. I don’t expect Hogan to be an All-Star, but bringing more eyeballs to the sport is a good thing. Before the summer approaches, maybe watch some college lax on TV. Maybe go to a local high school or college game at Duluth, the U, UST, or SJU (COVID-permitting). I don’t want you to look like a complete dipshit when trying to have an opinion on Chris Hogan.

Rivalry between UMD Bulldogs and UM Gophers (source: umdlacrosse and Gary Mukai Images)

Sidenote: I know one of you assholes is gonna leave a “lAx Isn’T a rEaL sPorT”. Before doing so, please at least try come up with something original, or at least coherent. I’ve heard all of it, and if you have a problem with the sport, take it up with Bill.

Pictured: a man who doesn’t give a fuck about your lacrosse jokes.