WTF Did I Just Watch? Beats, Shots, Rollovers.

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Every week we watch countless amount of videos throughout our social media websites. I decided to highlight my three favorite videos I’ve seen this week based on the WTF factor. Whats’s the WTF factor? It’s when you watch a video and it leaves you sitting there thinking “WTF did I just watch”.

This week we have arguably the worst beat I’ve ever seen, shots (not the good kind), and one of the craziest rollovers that somehow resulted in ummm 0 deaths?

3. Bad Beat Of The Year

Just when you think you have seen it all in the sports gambling world, you watch another video that leaves you wondering how. I’ve had countless amount of bad beats happen to me, but nothing would compare to this one IMO. Like WHAT?

Get ready, you need to watch all three minutes of this.



Thank god I didn’t bet this because I would of been celebrating the second he broke that 59 yard run in the first quarter. The shock on my face when I checked my account woulda been worth any amount of money I lost, a memory I woulda never forgot!

If anyone bet this I’m so sorry. This rule will and must be changed, how can a man who had 75 yards finish with 21 TOTAL. All off sacks. He had 56 with 3 minutes left…. Mount Rushmore Of Bad Beats Rarely Happen, this easily makes that mountain. WTF.

2. Shots In The Hallway

Tik Tok User: @tooexquzit

To get us started we have your simple robbery attempt. In the video posted after she explains she always carries her gun in her hand at night which explains why she has it in her hand even before the “robbers” make there move. She also explains that the robbers held the gate open for them, which sparked her original worries. In her own words she stopped talking to her mom because

They Skied up, not like covid mask skied up, like take someone down skied up” (2:04)


When the ladies finally enter the camera frame you know shit was about to go down. The girl in front with the pink gun at least hides it a little but the girl in the back doesn’t give two fucks, spinning that gun like a fidget spinner. Not a good day to be a robber, or a wall in that hallway because they AIRED that thing out. Look at the girl in the green running away, she’s shooting that thing straight into the wall. In the Tik Toker’s story time she states she fell back and just aired out her entire clip not even looking. I have better aim when I’m pissing in the middle of the night in my pitch black bathroom.

We then get to my favorite part of the video, the neighbor across the hall. What’s quicker him opening the door or closing the door? Heard shooting outside his door, heard it stop and was about to make a run for his life.

In another video posted it shows he was really about to slide for his friend before realizing his friend hadn’t arrived yet. Look at both there reactions when he comes into the room.

1. Rollovers

For our third and final WTF video of the week, we have a rollover crash that I think everyone somehow survived.

Everyone else is focused on the guy outside his car right? This video probably left me with the biggest WTF face just because of all the twists and turns this 26 seconds gives you. At the 12 second mark you see the white van blow a tire and instantly lose control of his car. The car he crashes into then starts doing flips that you only see in movies. He then has what seems to be a 50/50 chance of keeping his car on the bridge before slowly losing that coin flip and free falling into the abyss.

Below the tweet is a link to a news article saying all the passengers survived this crash because of there… seat belts????

This has to be fake China news right? Surviving all those rollovers would be impressive enough but surviving the fall because they wore seat belts? I’ll never not wear one again.

All I can say is WTF, and I’ll see you all next week.