WTF DID I JUST WATCH? Car Crash Edition.

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Nearly a month later and I return with my 4th edition of WTF DID I JUST WATCH? This week we will be showcasing three WTF videos, all involving car crashes.


3. Off-roading Straight To Heaven

Off-roading fun leads to a one-way ticket to heaven. I’m going out on a limb here when I say I don’t think anyone is walking away from that car crash alive. Another question I have is how is the guy recording so calmly in his car. My ass would have been freaking out… Don’t take drugs kids, you will end up thinking you’re playing GTA. Spoiler alert the person won’t be respawning outside the hospital just like in the video game.

2. Only In Cleveland


My favorite video of the week is brought to you by the city of Cleveland. And man let me tell you, this shit had and still has me geeking. You start off with a pretty nasty car wreck, and 10/10 commentary from whoever is behind this video. You then have a white truck screech the corner, and while the commentating continues to steal the show, a human-driven RC size car appears on the bottom of the screen. Although the car has all the eyes of attention in the video, once again the person behind this video continues to steal the show. “Ay Cuh we got the god damn, cuh we got the god damn, miniature, miniature car here shoa. WTF going on here, only in Cleveland”. Imagine being concussed from a car crash and this appears before you. The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that car. The only words he was able to get out it’s a goddamn miniature car, as everyone can obviously see.

1. Lottery Winner?

How do some people get so lucky? If there was ever a sign to buy a lottery ticket this is 100% it. The truck literally gets stuck on the tree, and the bunny hops but the 130-pound guy bounces off of it like Marshawn Lynch? Bounces a couple of times like a pinball, and then right when the video cuts off it looks as if he’s hitting a full sprint to get the fuck outta there. I just don’t understand how he didn’t just get flattened by that big ass truck smoking him. If something like this ever happens to me, the first place I’ll be heading to is my local casino. God works in mysterious ways, the signs are telling him he’s the luckiest man alive for that day.