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Welcome back to another blog episode of “WTF Did I Just Watch”. It’s currently 2:53 a.m. as I start typing this blog. As expected I’ve come across three videos that have left my stupid ass in disbelief. Last time we highlighted epic slide fails, including this masterpiece from the oink oinkers out in Boston.

Too Good To Not Show Again

This week we have come across nature man himself, Slippery Docks, and some voodoo-crazy shit that I still haven’t figured out if it’s real or not.

Once again welcome back to another blog of “WTF DID I JUST WATCH”?

Wtf did I just watch

3. Crazy Guys Doing Crazy Things


What the fuck is wrong with this guy. I understand I’m not a Florida man but what type of breed are you fuckers down there. Imagine just doing this… for fun? Usually, my WTF videos make me laugh because they are funny. This made me laugh because I realize I’ll never be stupider than this guy standing nose to nose with a crocodile no matter the time of day. Also, imagine just catching any snake, especially whatever the hell that “python” is at the end of the video.

Next time you see a news article about a Florida man losing some sort of limb to an alligator, make sure to remember this video. Odds are it’ll probably be him.

2. Old Man Can’t Clear The Landing

Hahaha, I’ve laughed over and over at this fall for so long. I’m guessing this was the Dad/Grandpa which makes this even funnier. He was probably just having a good ole casual swim before someone made that jump that prompted this response. “I could still easily do that”. Just to completely botch the jump and leave you with a body full of bruises. I think we have all heard that classic Dad move where they act like they can still do something like it’s 1990. Most of the time the outcome is exactly like this. Dislocated shoulder? Concussion? Broken Hip? You name it. Hopefully I’m still doing stupid shit like this when I’m that age.

1. Can Someone Please Tell Me How This Is Real?


How did it fall, how did they know to check the cameras, and most importantly how the fuck is this real? There’s just no way to fake this video with no one in the frame. But seriously, how does it just fly back up directly to where it came from? These types of videos are the ones that gave me the title of these blogs. You just scroll Twitter and see a video like this that just leaves you wondering what the fuck you just watched. Someone had to have witnessed this for them to pull the surveillance like that. Thank God for cameras otherwise that poor kid would have had a big number of 0 people who believed him.

Once Again Wtf Did I Just Watch?

Bonus Picture?

Unfortunately, pictures don’t fall into the category of this blog. But anytime you see a picture as funny/gross/embarrassing you just have to share.

Arguably and most definitely one of the grosses places you can fall asleep. A men’s bar bathroom with the worst urinal of them all. A trough urinal.

Just imagine how gross that is. Also, imagine how fucked up you would have to be for this to happen. Hopefully that guy retired from drinking at the bars after this. There’s no way I would ever show my face again if I was him.