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Not your typical WTF DID I JUST WATCH this week. I just spent too much time watching Australia and India play cricket. It left me sitting there thinking two things.

  1. Why Is This A Sport/So “Popular”

I may just be some uneducated stupid American, but respectfully why the fuck would someone ever watch/play the stupid sport of “Cricket”.


Why am I watching Australia Vs India in a cricket match? Because ESPN+ always gives you the option to watch weird stuff, and my highness curiosity got the best of me.

Don’t Waste Your Time– Do Literally Anything ELSE.

It’s just such a weird sport. I seriously don’t know or get the point of it. I’ll describe it from now on as the STUPID version of baseball. Why are there people standing everywhere around the field? I’ve been watching for 45 minutes and it’s still the same half-inning? Why does Australia score say 299-4? Why is there someone standing next to the pitcher with their batting paddle? I have at least 20 more questions I could rattle off right now. I’ve never watched a sport and not been able to teach myself what’s going on. Thats how STUPID cricket is. I hope someone reading this is a avid cricket fan, the only part I’m enjoying is how much wok this pitcher has to put in. I refuse to google how this sport is supposed to be played. Instead I’ll type a blog about how weird this sport is.

The only thing I’m enjoying is watching how much effort these pitchers have to put in. Quite impressive to say the least.

Shitty Quality, but imagine doing this EVERY TIME?

Currently, this game is on Day 2, Session 1. The only thing I know about cricket is the games take 3-5 days to complete. I don’t know if there are games within the games but as you will read below I’ve had quite the experience with how long these cricket games take.

My Cricket Story

A couple of years ago I was degenerate betting on everything I could at 3:30 one night. Table Tennis, random overseas leagues, and my favorite at the time, 2K Pro League or whatever it’s called that you could follow along on Twitch with (the most degen a degen can go). I then found a cricket match about to start so I placed a bet because I could follow along on ESPN+. Little did I know that these games take 3-5 days to complete. It’s what I deserved for placing the bet in the first place, but what sorta bullshit is that. This story has a happy ending. I won my bet that randomly appeared in my account a couple days later, but lesson learned NEVER BET ON THIS STUPID ASS SPORT.


I don’t expect this to rub too many people the wrong way, but this is the worst sport in the world by far. Watch cricket for an hour and you might start debating on checking yourself into a mental hospital. All they do is pitch the ball by bouncing it and the batters never hit the ball off of the ground. The fielders look like they are just fielding BP, do they even really serve a purpose? All I know is unless every batter is hitting like this, I will NOT be tuning in to this sport ever again.

BASEBALL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CRICKET