WTF DID I JUST WATCH? Ouch, That Hurts!

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WTF Did I Just Watch is back, and the videos this week may be my favorite yet.

3. What Ride Is This?

“Grab on! Let’s just hold this tent down in a million mph winds!” We have all been in their shoes. A last-ditch effort trying to save your tent and miscellaneous riffraff when that unexpected storm rolls in. This is so cool, yet so INTENSE. Everyone seemed to have let go quickly enough except for a couple of guys who decided to get their tabs’ worth and enjoy a nice ride. We all have had that dream of falling off a building and waking up right before you hit the ground.. the unlucky end of the stick for these folks.

This a reminder to everyone you can’t beat mother nature, let her rip apart what she wants to because this sure as hell wasn’t worth it.

2. Is There Anyone More Dumb Than People Who Smoke Cigs?

Pink To Red In Seconds

This man took smoking a heater to a whole different level. I’m sure alcohol or something like Xanax had NOTHING to do with this… more like everything to do with this.

I would love to ask these people what was going through their minds while doing this. He leans fully into the pink spray, and then simultaneously decides it’s a perfect time for his hourly cig, knowing damn well he used to start a fire with axe spray cans back in the day. He’s so fucked up you can tell he doesn’t even realize his head is on fire while he puts down his lighter and takes the first rip of his heater.

Cig smokers stay undefeated for doing the dumbest shit while they puff on their tobacco sticks.


Crying at this stupid idiot. Left me sitting here wondering WTF Did I Just Watch?

There’s no reason why someone should be behind the first person that close on the slide… but the idiot also shouldn’t be standing at the bottom of the slide trying to dodge the people like a dodgeball. I love the stupid look on his face when he’s about to go underwater, combined with him brushing his hair away just to get absolutely rocked by a knee shot that would make Jorge Masvidal blush. Straight to the DOME.

Do stupid shit, and this is what happens, never forget that kids.

Wtf Did I Just Watch