WTF Did I Just Watch? Sewer Slide, Jaws, And The WORST Non-Swing Of ALL TIME.

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Nearly two months later my “WTF Did I Just Watch” blog has returned. Three videos, all leaving you and me sitting there thinking WTF Did I Just Watch?

Here we go.



There are unlucky days, and then there is this. Getting smoked on your moped is one concern of its own, but doing a double flop slide headfirst into the sewer? That’s some shit you would see in a Fast and Furious movie. Imagine being someone that watched this live? Or the car that smacked the person, probably didn’t even see where she went just to get out of his car and be even more confused.

My biggest takeaway from this is to wear a helmet. How the fuck does she just get out of the sewer standing up after a fall like that… has to be the helmet right? Maybe this will teach me to wear one when I’m ripping around on my moped. Yeah, probably not.

2. JAWS Is Coming!

The story above the video is fucked within itself. The focus is on this guy in the ocean who is a foot away from being split into pieces. First, let’s focus on the most fun part of the video. His initial reaction. AHHHHH A SHARK… Then somehow instantly calms down and goes “A shark rammed me” in the calmest voice. I’m not sure, and hope to never find out, how I would react if this situation happened to me, I would probably be floating in the ocean because I passed out in straight fear.

How often are there scary ass animals swimming around you with little to no knowledge when in the ocean?

The shark played everything perfectly, other than his precision of attack. If he would have came in at just a little wider of an angle he would have cleared the boat, resulting in a nice fresh meal.

3. Taking A Pitch… On A GENDER REVEAL?

HAHAHAHA this one made me cry. We’ve all seen the classic swing-and-miss and the classic airball on the jumper. The take pitch on the gender ball? Something I thought I would never ever see. What makes it worse is his initial reaction. He looks like an MLB player after the umpire has called a ball three feet outside the strike zone. And then follows it up with the “you threw it at my chest”. Sorry Jimmy but that’s what happens when you don’t swing the bat before the ball has made it to you.

He never even reacts to the color of the chalk other than a quick look down. Hopefully he wasn’t hoping for a boy because his day just got even more fucked. Seriously though, he took a pitch on a gender reveal and then instantly complains because the throw hit him in the chest. What else did he expect from the angle she was throwing at? Talking shit is probably going to jinx my gender reveal in the future, I’m just going to do the old-school find-out-when-it’s-born strategy to avoid this level of embarrassment.

Till Next Time

Still can’t get over that guy just taking a pitch on his gender reveal. You wonder what was going through his head when he decided not to swing, sitting there like he got the red light sign because of a 3-0 count. If they have enough kids they might be able to play an entire @ bat, so far the count is 1-0.