WTF DID I JUST WATCH? Slides, Slides, and More Slides!

Everything Else

WTD Did I Just Watch is back and better than ever. On the last blog, we showcased stupid people doing stupid things and this week is no different. Three videos, and three slides that you will want to avoid at ALL COSTS.


Now look animal abuse is no joke and it’s not nice to ever put your animal/pig in this situation…. but HOLY FUCK WHAT A STUPID ASS PIG!

Let’s first start off with the fact that I’m pretty sure the OG tweet said “testing out this new slide”.

We’re halfway through 2023 and you’re still making these sun-blasting, sticky, flipping slides that were the scariest thing ever growing up? The one by my house was about the 10th of the size of this one. I still have clear memories of going down and having your skin stick, basically flipping you over but yet they decide to make one like this?

Next, let’s focus on the slide/park. Spaceship with one metal death-wrenching slide? Seriously look at it. Do I blame them for wanting to go down the slide? Hell no, if I walk by a slide like this with no kids around I’m doing the same thing. The difference between me and the cop is knowing what these death slides are capable of. Just watch him over and over and over again, you will never laugh at pig abuse harder.

The Fall

Last but not least we have to focus on the best part, the fall.

To start you have what sounds like a pop struggling to get outta the vending machine with all the bangs. He then appears on the screen facing the completely wrong way and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder. Reminds me of that rag doll blaster game on addicting games where you threw them down the stairs and saw how bad you could hurt them (hopefully someone else remembers this game). The ending might be the best part though, he gets up so fast with a quick “ah fuck” meanwhile, the person behind the camera has the audacity to ask “Why was it so fast?”. Look at the thing Sharon, it’s straight downhill.

Too funny, mostly with the fact they had to beg Ryan Whitney to take down the tweet. Haha, the pigs are embarrassed.

2. Water Slide To Hell

Whoever invented this thing is one sick son of a bitch. It almost reminds me of the big slide at the state fair just with a lot more bumps and water to give you more speed. I’m just wondering why there are so many jumps. I would say it must be a tube slide but I see other people going up without tubes. You thought the NFL had a high concussion rate wait till you see this water park’s concussion report. I’ve been on too many bad water slides to know how bad they hurt/ what type of burn marks they can leave on you. Would that stop me from trying this at least once? Nope. But I will be just like this girl laughing her ass off recording my friends doing it first before I touch the thing.

1. Out Of Order = Must Try

I told you in the first video these slides are dangerous and there’s a reason you never see them anymore. In this video, you can’t feel bad for the guy, because there’s a reason the park was closed. I would love to know the number of kids’ injuries this slide put up daily. This slide had to of been putting up Wilt Chamberlain numbers.

He shoulda just stopped and turned around once he realized how hard it was to climb up. Metal slides are usually easy to climb up, but this man was climbing a metal slide that would be compared to Mount Everest. Once he gets the power to push himself down the slide things start rather smoothly over the first bump. Then the second bump comes and the rest is history. I mean come on he goes flying hits the next jump goes flying again lands smack on the slide and rolls onto the ground? How many kids were sent to the hospital after a day at this park? How long was this slide open? Who test-dummied it? So many questions with so few answers.

WTF Did I Just Watch At it’s Finest.