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Week 3 of WTF DID I JUST WATCH? And yet again the internet remains undefeated in producing videos that leave you with those exact words.

3. Puke N Slide

We have all been there, trying to hold down the puke until being overpowered by the force. But little to none can say they have successfully entered the concussion protocol, by slipping on their own puke they just projected on their run to the bathroom.

The noise she’s making before she stands up… We all know that AH AH AH.

Yes, she was being very serious. The spray is honestly impressive getting it out that far in front of you for the perfect slide to the bathroom. The caption does mislead me a little with the “things got wild.” Is this the pregame? Postgame? Your definition of wild? One thing I do know is how Momma won’t be coming back to visit anytime soon.


Just in case you were under a rock, on January 11th the Twins “re-signed” Carlos Correa to a 6-year contract keeping him in Minnesota till he’s at least 34. Three days later the Timberwolves played the Cavaliers @ home, where we get these 5 seconds of gold.

We first start with Twins GM, Derek Falvey walking by completely unnoticed to a normal eye… Until he walks by Twitter handler @CyLouie_, who is responsible for delivering this masterpiece.

Starting off we have him yelling at Mr. Falvey about loving him, fully acceptable, the entire state loves him after the Correa signing. What’s so perfect about this moment is how Falvey starts going in for what looks like some quick knuckles before realizing Cy Louie wants NOTHING to do with that.

You can tell Falvey doesn’t get recognized often for how awkward he seems, but the way he pulled off getting owned by delivering the quick wave is 10/10. We then get to the punchline of the video where I’m expecting Falvey is just as shocked as everyone else. Just made arguably the best free agent signing in Twins history when he gets hit with this line.



I need another 3 seconds on this video to see what his response was. I and everyone else watching were certain he would take the normal route and thank him for just signing Correa. But throwing that loophole at the man responsible himself? Boss move. You can’t convince me otherwise that when Falvey’s head hit the pillow that night, this interaction didn’t cross his mind. “He had to of been kidding right”… “Maybe he wasn’t, Gallo could easily return to his 2019 #’s”.

Thank you, Cy, the first 10 times I watched this video I was sitting there thinking “WTF Did I Just Watch” and 30 views later I’m still laughing my ass off.


The caption is perfect because it’s exactly where I see myself 30 years from now. Just got home from a long night of partying, make a drink to take up to bed even though I know I’ll be asleep before I take two sips.

I then make it up 13 steps (with a couple of stumbles) before taking the hardest fall down the steps I’ve ever seen. Seriously WTF did I just watch, where’s the sound? All he needed was 10 seconds on the ground, a quick look around to see what he’s cleaning up in the morning and he’s on his way up to bed.

Meanwhile his wife is lucky she is even alive. At first, she’s the one who needs help taking a quick head dive straight into the wall. Maybe a little dinged up, she takes a quick breather when her husband then comes cannonballing by her. Imagine if she’s standing one foot to her right, she might be dead with the force he came by with. She then just stands there, maybe taking a quick look before falling on all 4. My first thought was she’s probably laughing her ass off, and can’t stand because of what she just witnessed.

We soon find out that’s NOT the case.

Her husband then has the play of the day here. On his way back up the mountain he takes his wife’s drink outta her hand so she doesn’t spill like he just did… or because he needed a new drink after embarrassing himself like he just did. Whatever his intentions were, they deemed them to be a good one because his wife quickly but smoothly takes a quick fall herself. If only there was another camera angle we could watch their falls from… Yes, this is exactly where I see myself 30 years from now.

What did I just watch

Hope you all enjoyed another week of “WTF Did I Just Watch”. See you all next week.