WTF Did I Just Watch? Week 5.

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Another month, another WTF did I just watch video. No need to say more, let’s get into it.



How dumb is this cop? We first start off with no back context other than what we see in the video. Cop gets outta his car before the man behind the camera hits the cop with the 2nd best line in the video. “Motherfucker, I hope you’re ready to run today, WOO WOO” HELLLL NOOO WOO WOO. I know I should consider him the idiot, but how could you after delivering those lines?

We then get to the dumbass. The cop. A man just clearly said you better be run today and the only words you can get out of your mouth are “FREEZE POLICE”. As if the man clearly doesn’t know he’s running from the police as he sees you pull up… and clearly lets you know he sees you. Really just want to know what the cop expected to happen, the man to just stop? As I said, I’m not a cop. Also have no idea what took place before this video… but from what I can infer from this video is the camera man has no intentions to leave in handcuffs from you.

2. Stoner Monkey

Yes, this video is old, but holy shit it’s hilarious. Do I think Vitaly is fucked for getting this monkey high? Nope. That monkey is in full consent of what he’s doing, and to be completely honest he has some damn good form. What I will say is a little fucked up is how fat of a dab is given. I mean he looks exactly like me when I hit one that’s huge/ a burner. He even goes back in for more rips and then does the classic walk away when the dab has overpowered ur body and set you into robotic mode. He then lives through what everyone else experiences, munchies, followed by a coma.

It was a great video that 100% left me thinking WTF did I just watch? Can you imagine getting out-dabbed by a monkey? I usually would say no, but I can’t imagine what an experienced smoking monkey would look like when ripping the rig.

1. Timberwolves Game 82… Blowup?

What do I even call what I saw yesterday? We won the game, to snag the “8” seed for the play-in. HUGE win over the Pelicans to swap places and force ourselves to lose twice to miss the playoffs rather than winning twice.. but at what cost.

This fully deserves to be in the WTF category. From a non-Timberwolves fan’s perspective, this is straight comedy. You have Rudy & Slow Mo throwing blows in game 82, which also turned out to be the most important. From a Timberwolves fans perspective, it left me thinking wtf did I just watch? Honestly, don’t really hate it. Sometimes things like these spark a team into another gear. It’s all about if they can get over it within themselves in time for the big games coming up.

What If I told you the above isn’t the blowup I was referring to? This is.

WTF. Game 82 and you’re punching walls? Mann this one really left me sitting there thinking what the fuck. I still repeat it to myself every time I think about it. At least Naz Reid broke his hand playing on the court, this is just a complete blowup. Our T-Wolves blogger is already on this. The only words I actually have left are WTF Did I Just Watch?


WILL NOT talk or think about this anymore. Pain. I’m on to the next heartbreak. Everyone watching this in Minnesota was left thinking these exact words.