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Last month I posted a new blog series highlighting my favorite three videos I had seen that week based on the WTF factor. If you’re new here, I’ll remind you what the WTF factor is. It’s when you watch a video and it leaves you sitting there thinking “WTF Did I Just Watch”

We finally are back with three more crazy videos… whats in store this week?

3. Two In The Booth… “Was That You”

Starting off we have two men in the booth enjoying a good laugh over a ripper of a fart. We’ve all been there before, thinking it will just be a little squeak but then comes out with the force to cause a small earthquake. The way they play it off is what makes this entire video gold though. “Was that you?” is so perfect just well because there’s two in the booth and you can so clearly tell who it is based off the answer. The AHHHHHHH at the end got me the first 5 times I watched the video, well played Vancouver announcers well played.


SHORDYYYYY GOT AIR, HOLY FUCK. I’ve done this same move thousands of times in GTA and walked away but in real life? I’ve watched this video 100 times now and I’m stuck on how this happened. Just keep watching the beginning, her tank must have been as empty as you can get because she was coming in hotter than shit trying to turn her wheels.

The rock that catapulted her didn’t even budge an inch, just tried to send her straight to the heavens but lucky for her it wasn’t her calling day. The sign on the other hand? Never stood a damn chance. She avoided everything she needed to, doing one of the most beautiful 360 spins I’ve seen, hitting the gas tank (I think) in the process and finishing ready @ a gas pump just like any professional woulda drawn it up. She has no idea where she is when she’s walking into the store.

Hopefully she bought a lottery ticket when she went inside, god works in mysterious ways right?

1. The Joker Strikes Again

If only this video started 30 seconds earlier so we could see what caused all this shit. What a whirlwind of 6 seconds. My favorite part about this video is knowing the car that crashed was definitely the guy who was causing all the shit. We have all been there pissed off at the guy driving 55 in the fast lane, but imagine flying past someone yelling “yeah you little bitch” just to get instant karma by totaling your car and the person’s car in front of you.

This is just another road rage video until we figured out that he was beefing with Joaquin Phoenix himself. Listen for yourself, never fuck with the Joker KIDS.

This is why technology will remain undefeated. So many great memories are captured each day, that we wouldn’t see without it. All I can say is “WTF Did I Just Watch” and I’ll see you all next week.

WTF did i just watch