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Have you ever sat down and watched Billy Madison? The movie starring Adam Sandler that tells the story of Billy, who in order to obtain his father’s company, goes back to school from Kindergarten to Senior year to show everyone he can be serious? If you haven’t seen nor heard of this movie you should stop what you’re doing and maybe rethink your life. Sorry but no. 

Rocco Baldelli mad
Rocco Baldelli mad

Throughout the movie young Billy Madison falls in love with his third grade teacher who thinks nothing of him. Now, on his course to win Veronica over, Billy seeks the help from his fellow classmate to call her and ask some simple questions. With this, his patience runs low and he tells his friend “YOU BLEW IT” and marches away from the kitchen. 

It’s this specific scene that plays in my head over and over again 82.5% of the time the Minnesota Twins have taken the field this season. While they’ve had a decent year, they’ve crashed and burned as of late and have given away the division, and as Billy Madison would say…

Why do us Minnesota sports fans go through this? At least last year they sucked from start to finish so we expected failure, but this year? What the actual eff shack?!

Time will tell with what concludes this season for the Minnesota Twins but in the meantime, we can all sit back, toss the feet up, and laugh away at Billy Madison.