The new Minnesota Twins Jerseys

You’re Gonna Like The Jerseys Whether You Want To or Not

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Our Minnesota Twins dropped their much anticipated jersey rebranding roughly a week ago.

Now that a week has gone by, I have allowed the new designs to stew just a bit more in my mind. Through this, my opinion has changed on them drastically.

At first, like many of you, I disliked them. I was expecting them to go with more of a throwback. A true throwback, the baby blues to be more specific (they are certifiably DISGUSTING). I was highly dissatisfied with their selections. Instead, it appears we got a bunch of half-ass work that some college intern passed off as good. They are very simple, plain, and look like fucking batting practice/warm up jerseys.

The New Minnesota Twins Jerseys

The Jerseys Aren’t That Bad

Despite my early views of these jerseys, in that week of meditation, I seem to be coming around.

I came to this conclusion: You’re going to like them whether you want to or not!

We’ll be seeing them for a long time. We’ll get used to them at some point. They really aren’t even that bad either honestly. At first, I really only enjoyed the grey pinstripe one. But now, I really like it all, especially the new M logo hat! Yes, it looks like the Miami Marlins logo, but fuck them they don’t own the letter M!

Miami Marlin Logo

As stated earlier, the jerseys are simple, plain, and look like fucking batting practice/warm up apparel. This is why I think I like them. Jerseys that have stood the test of time aren’t overly complicated! For example, the Detroit Red Wings jerseys have had very little change since 1932.

The Detroit Red Wings first jerseys, 1932
The Detroit Red Wings jerseys have been basic, yet iconic, for 90 years.
The Detroit Red Wings jerseys today

I’m in no way shape or form comparing the new Twins jerseys to such an iconic and historic one. I am simply explaining that basic uniforms have something to them.

While the new uniforms may not be the throwbacks that some of us wanted, they do have similarities; the simplicity! Less is more and more is less.

Minnesota Twins Throwback Jersey

At some point, you will learn to like these. I already have. It’s up to you now. Fucking get over the disappointment of not getting what you wanted (common theme in Minnesota) and see it with a different view… the color scheme will take some time for me though.