You’re Welcome for the Free UCONN Cash

You’re Welcome for the Free UCONN Cash

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At the beginning of the NCAA March Madness Tournament, 10K Takes posted this article. Hopefully you read it and fat stacks are currently falling out of you pockets because we confidently picked UCONN to obliterate the field and cut down those nets while cutting us checks at the same time. Obviously, we hedged our bets with a few teams because trusting 18 to 22-year-old boy college basketball players with our hard-earned cash is not smart. I don’t know about many of you, but I remember being an 18 to 22-year-old boy. Let me tell you, I was a horrible decision maker.

Therefore, we always hedge our bets when it comes to NCAAB.

Flashback to the Plan:

If you didn’t bet or simply don’t remember, here’s a quick review of the plan.

UCONN won the tourney which means we won

The flawless implementation of betting a select category of teams, minus the favorite Houston, who we all knew was fake anyway, allowed us to walk away up a lot of money. Even if you only put $10 on each one of these teams, you’re sniffing $110 because of UCONN’s brilliance. Out of the kindness of our hearts, 10K was gracious enough to put 11x whatever you wagered back in your pocket. Talk about a happy Easter, which brings me to my my main point.

The Main Point of this Article:

Now, the point of this article isn’t to swell up the ego of the gambling department at 10K. Nor is to bash all the teams who didn’t win. No, the goal of this article is to simply celebrate the fact that we all won.

First, to the state of Minnesota who has not yet legalized sports gambling (which is why we recommend our pals over at BettorEdge for fee-free person to person sports betting! Use promo code 10K for free money!):

Next, to the other gambling media companies out there who failed to win:

Now, to our bank accounts who dropped scarily low during the course of March:

Then, to our friends and family who said we had a problem:

And lastly, to the UCONN Men’s Basketball Team:

UCONN won the tourney which means we won