zim and spielman

Sayonara, Zim and Spielman! What’s Next?

NFL Vikings

The day that everyone hoped and wished for finally came. Black Monday, as they call it in The BusinessTM, and now we know for sure we’ll see change. After a second straight season of missing the playoffs, the Wilfs decided it was enough. And thank fucking god! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful Zim and Spielman won’t wind up on the Minnesota War Criminals list, but it was time.

What was your favorite Mike Zimmer moment?

Many fans and experts saw this day coming on the horizon. And while it’s bittersweet, this was the right move for everyone. The Zim and Spielman regime had grown stale. Zim with his 90’s coaching style and his hard-on for wanting to be a run first team. Spielman being let go was a little surprising but still valid. Dude had 3 playoff WINS since 2006, and the trade-down bit then not having rookies play were things that led to his demise.

zim and spielman
Zimmer the Red-Nose hard ass.

Mike Zimmer was a likable man, when he first got here it was a match made in heaven. We got a tough nosed coach that would fix our horrible defense. Now 8 years later, our defense sucks again and we’re back to square one. But for the time hew was here, Mike Zimmer made some headlines and most people loved him ’til the end.

funny: this was when the defense REALLY went downhill!
Zim got so mad he made his eye burst.

Zim should still be considered a Vikings legend when it’s all said and done. Zimmer will finish firmly as the third best Vikings coach all time, both in wins and winning percentage. Despite the last two seasons being a living nightmare, he ran a top-tier defense for a long time and brought us to the NFC Championship in 2017. Never mind the fact that he’s a great coach, dude also has a smoke show for a girlfriend. I remember writing about that in 2020 for my first blog at 10K; good times.

Now, the Vikings set out on a voyage to find a new coach and GM. It’s been quite a while since the Vikings have had to make a decision on those 2 jobs together. With the players we have, this will no doubt be the top head coaching job in league. When one door closes, another opens. Thanks for everything, Mike Zimmer!

zim and spielman
I would still LOVE to drink tequila with you.

So, what’s next for the Vikings?

As previously mentioned, today IS Black Monday, meaning there are about to be a plethora of coaches suddenly needing new employers. One such coach is Brian Flores, who the Miami Dolphins inexplicably fired despite back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since 2003. That’s not a joke. That’s a literal statistic. And now that man is available. Someone give me Zygi’s number.

There’s also some rumors the Vikings are interested in a… let’s just call it a weird choice.

And then, of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some other coaching options that are out there. There’s obviously the critical favorites like Kellen Moore and Eric Bieniemy. I think Jerry Jones would drop dead before he allows Moore to leave Dallas. Bieniemy, for whatever reason, has never been a head coach despite being Andy Reid’s OC for a long time. Maybe Brian Daboll in Buffalo is the guy. The only concern I can think of with Daboll and Bieniemy is most of their success has come with elite QB play – can Cousins give them that? Or will we move on from Kirk too?

Last but not least, we would be remiss if we didn’t say that Minnesota Golden Gophers Onside Kicking Coach Mike Hawk is in the running for the job until he’s not. And we haven’t received anything that explicitly states Mike Hawk is not being considered.

have no idea who will replace Slick Rick, so for now, let’s just thank Zim and Spielman for doing their best and wish them success in whatever they do next. As long as it isn’t coaching the Bears. Then I’ll be mad. Until there’s more news, SKOL!