About Us

10,000 Takes is a digital media company that is focused on delivering the most unfiltered and entertaining takes in Minnesota sports and beyond! We have been featured on ESPN, GQ Sports, KFAN, Vikings Pregame, and many other major sports platforms.

What we do:

  • Blogs that cover everything from Minnesota sports, lifestyle, the outdoors, and more!
  • Original and entertaining videos.
  • Podcasts that are available on all streaming platforms.
  • Weekly sports betting show “10k Bets” on KFAN every Saturday at 2 pm!
  • Make merchandise so you can show your support for our brand.
  • Horrible Sports Betting Advice!
  • Social media pages sharing our latest thoughts, rants, and memes on all things Minnesota and beyond.
  • Host and partner with local companies/organizations to produce in-person events.

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